Barokcello eindexamenconcert 9 mei 2023


A piece of music that makes the listener think of simple, old-fashioned days or life in the countryside. It uses nostalgia to indicate a better time away from complications. Some pastorales have a rural subject, while others use familiar musical themes to evoke this feeling. It is also a mood, or an attitude toward life, that extends beyond poems and paintings about sheep and shepherds. Pastorale describes an attachment to nature in many ways. Peaceful and idyllic. As an adjective it can also relate to the responsibility of a teacher or guiding figure for the personal development of a pupil or member of their ‘flock’ as distinct from the educational development.

Working with the core-ancestor of the cello, the baroque bow and gut strings, to me feels like going back to the origin. It seems to connect more easily with motor-abilities and body work. It made me conscious of every subtle change in bow holding, speed or articulation. It represents going back to ‘old-fashioned’ and to the core of playing, that makes me a completer musician.

In my professional life guiding peoples’ personal development is what drives me. Connections through music are pure and important in everyone’s life.

I hope to share the pastoral spirit with you today.